Pre-Toy Fair 2013: Bif Bang Pow! Announcements and Exclusives Giveaway

Toys & Collectibles

Bif Bang Pow comes at you with a kick to the face at this year’s Toy Fair! From glassware to action figures, avid fans and collectors will see a number of Doctor Who, DexterStar TrekThe Venture Bros., The Twilight ZoneBattlestar Galactica, and Six Million Dollar Man collectibles that will be made available in the coming months. First off is the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary items! Doctor Who Anniversary BBP12210_DoctorWho Bif Bang Pow! created several exclusive 50th anniversary Doctor Who™ collectibles in celebration of the momentous fete. Among the special offerings to choose from are artistically designed glassware, a unique hardbound journal, miniatureTARDIS Monitor Mate™ bobble heads, and a highly detailed, silver-colored TARDIS bobble head with signature materialize and dematerialize sounds. But the Doctor is just the tip of their collectibles iceberg! Star Trek TV and film buffs around the world can start to collect a full armada of standard scale and miniature sized Monitor Mate™ bobble heads beginning Summer 2013.  Kicking off the line will be an introductory sneak-preview limited edition collectible, a Toy Fair Exclusive Borg Cube Monitor Mate™. Bif Bang Pow! will also showcase a plethora of new products from DexterStar TrekThe Venture Bros., The Twilight ZoneBattlestar Galactica, and Six Million Dollar Man. Look for more details and photots during our Toy Fair coverage starting this weekend. Bif Bang Pow TwilightZone Bif Bang Pow products Bif Bang Pow Dexter Toy Fair Exclusives Bif Bang Pow! has created two limited edition collectibles, a Doctor Who TARDIS  Monitor Mate™ bobble head with a gold base and a Star Trek: The Next Generation Borg Cube Monitor Mate™ bobble head featuring a Toy Fair themed color base, which will be given out exclusively to trade and press at New York Toy Fair BUT YOU CAN ENTER TO WIN A PAIR!! Everyone knows Toy Fair exclusives are often among the grails of collectibles but they are so hard to get, but now you can join in on the goodness and get you hands on a set by clicking HERE! Check out this photo of the exclusives and let us know what you think in the comments. Bif Bang Pow exclusives image

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