Parks and Recreation’s Chris Pratt Cast As Marvel’s Star-Lord


From sleeping in the pit to sleeping in space!

guardians of the galaxy

Parks and Rec’s very own Chris Pratt has just been announced as the lead in the upcoming Marvel Phase Two film Guardians of the Galaxy! He is set to play Star-Lord, AKA Peter Quill, the sole human in a roving band of adventurers bringing both order and a bit of chaos to the stars!

Expect to see more of Pratt in the coming months, especially at the inevitable Comic-Con panel. Pratt is no stranger to comic book films. He was featured as the d-bag best frenemy opposite of Jame McAvoy in 2008’s Wanted, adapted from the amazing Mark millar comic book series from Top Cow Comics. He also lost A LOT of weight to get in shape as a marine in the Oscar nominated Zero Dark Thirty.

Ladies, here is a photo of what he used to look like (with wife Anna Farris).

chris pratt 3

And here is what he looks like now!

chris pratt


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