Mezco’s 2013 Toy Fair Preview Event & Breaking Bad Unveiling

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Yesterday morning Mezco held a private event at their New York City headquarters showcasing a majority of the new toys and products that will be on display at next week’s New York Toy Fair.


Kicking things off for them is the highly anticipated reveal of their newest license; Breaking Bad. So far the 2013 releases for this license features a little bit of everything that fans have come to expect from the toy company.

Breaking Bad1

There were two sets of eight inch plush figures of both Walt and Jesse, one in their “street” clothes depicting Jesse with his hoodie and Walt in his infamous Heisenberg get-up, and the other featuring both men in full cook-ready yellow haz mat suits.

Breaking Bad2

Also on display was a really neat looking bobble-head of Walter in his yellow haz mat and standing perched atop a mountain of his signature blue rocks.

Breaking Bad4

At the time of this writing there were only two 1:12 scale (six inch) figures announced, but unfortunately only one of them, Walter in a yellow haz mat suit, was available for display due to a shipping error. The figure available featured Walter in his grim Heisenberg persona with a pistol clutched in one hand and a bag of meth in the other. The figure also comes with a duffle full of cash.

Breaking Bad

According to Drake there are a number of characters that are in the works, as well as variants for mass market shops and even a Comic-Con exclusive coming down the line. At one point he joked saying that he really wanted to see a Hector “Tio” Salamanca figure complete with a remote controlled wheelchair.

The license will also see Mez-Itz of various sizes and there is even the potential of an RV to compliment the figures! Fans can look forward to novelty items as well, such as stash boxes and money clips featuring a couple of the characters on them!

But that wasn’t Mezco’s only product on display! Here is a full rundown of everything else they plan on releasing in the upcoming year.

First up is a collection of plushes and figures from the insanely popular webcomic (and soon to be televised cartoon series), Axe Cop!

Next the world of demonic pets takes a turn for the cute with Creepy Cuddlers! This line of grotesque plushes is also scheduled to see licensed releases from both Saw and Child’s Play

Domo will see a few more special figures featuring some cool poses and props.

The Universal Monsters series continues with a few more stylized eight inch figures and a large Frankenstein figure.

Mars Attacks! is seeing releases in a new scale: 3 3/4 inches! This puts them right in line with other figures from popular films and army based characters so you can create your own crossover!

Thundercats are go! These large scale figures are amazing in person and are sure to be the cornerstone of any fan’s collection.

South Park figures continue to roll out, with a classic group box set and a larger scale talking Cartman figure.

DC Comics had a strong presence in the form of Mez-itz. There were a number of both normal sized and mini scaled Mez-itz modeled after pre-New 52 character designs, and as a bonus we also received our first look at the Man of Steel Mez-itz with Jor-El, General Zod, and Superman himself. The Superman figure also is coming in a jumbo size.

Last but certainly not least are the Living Dead Dolls!

Look for more information from Mezco to come during our Toy Fair coverage starting this Sunday!

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