Hot Toys Tease Power Pose Series

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hot toys power pose tease

Early this morning on their official Facebook page, high-end collectible manufacturer Hot Toys posted this teaser about their upcoming Power Pose line.

Iron Man 3 is coming to theaters in just three months! Fans, are you ready yet?

We know that many fans have been awaiting the Mark XLII collectible for long, so Hot Toys is now thrilled to announce our brand-new Power Pose Series (PPS) and the armor of the Mark XLII collectible will be activated soon!

The Mark XLII PPS is coming very soon! Stay tuned!

Fans who remember the large display image of items on their workbench will note that the first of this series was displayed in an unpainted format right next to the Hall of Armor case. Unlike their previous releases, this series is speculated to just be a statue and is also different than their upcoming die-cast line which is posable figures made of metal rather than plastic.


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