2013 Comic-Con General Registration Coming Soon?

San Diego Comic Con '13

Yesterday several members of the registered professionals received an email that they will have a dedicated date in the next few weeks to purchase their passes for the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. A number of them took to twitter proclaiming this and thus kicked off the frenzy of fans around the world who have been eagerly anticipating news on when they too can get theirs!

Please note that particular date (which we are not revealing here) is ONLY for professionals. Anyone who tries to sign in with a non-professional verified Member ID will see nothing but a wall of fail and will, quite frankly, just get in the way.

But what this information means is that the general sale is just around the corner. I expect emails to go out within a month stating the sale date and time so that still gives us time to prepare ourselves. The first step of the journey is the Member IDs.

For those of you who have already registered your Member ID, good job. But those of you who didn’t we highly suggest you do so immediately for yourself and/or all of those in your party. YOU CANNOT BUY TICKETS WITHOUT MEMBER IDs!!!!!!!!!

Everyone in your group has to have their own member IDs and you need to know their ID at the time of registration if you are trying to buy passes for multiple people. Also, each ID needs a separate email address. This is how they cut down on multiple tickets going to one person due to fraud issues in the past.

In the past they have closed down the Member ID creation once they get closer to the on sale date but at the time of this writing the link is still valid, so be sure to get in before the lock out, otherwise you’ll not be able to get tickets when the time comes and will more than likely just take up bandwidth as well as take away good positions in the buyer queue from those who are prepared.


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