Hot Toys Teases Upcoming Figures

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High end collectibles manufacturer Hot Toys has released a teaser on their Facebook page of a whole slew of as yet unseen figures on a desk.


This photo, as well as a few page images from an Asian toy magazine, have been making their way around the forums this weekend with many eagle eyed fans spotting what they feel are:

The Batsuit cabinet from The Dark Knight Rises
The Bat Signal
A new Tony Stark as seen in Iron Man 3 (possibly a DX with a full gantry and work table)
A possible Avengers Bruce Banner figure
Roadblock and Storm Shadow from the upcoming G.I. Joe Retaliation movie
Joker from the Batman Arkham Asylum (or City) video games.
A headless Superman from Man of Steel
A headless Prometheus character
ED-209 from Robocop
And a few other items!

The magazine scans also show a partial Ichabod Crane from the Sleepy Hollow movie. Check then out below!








Also here is a helpful map of what’s what made by some awesome soul on Facebook


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