Mattel Confirms SDCC ’13 DC Universe Classics Exclusive

San Diego Comic Con '13

For years, one of franchises that Mattel could be counted on bringing to the Comic-Con exclusive table has been DC Comics, specifically the spectacular DC Universe Classics. They continually brought some of the best packaging I have ever seen to their exclusives, and securing some of these figures was always on toy collectors’ radars year in and year out.

But for some reason this was absent from their 2012 selection and in it’s place saw a statuesque Death figure. Fans of the line cried tears of despair fearing this was a sign of the series’ impending demise as the figures went from being found at stores such as Target and Toys R Us to being released by Mattel directly in a subscription fashion.

But there is hope!

Mattel has confirmed through their official forum that they will be bringing another DC Universe Classics exclusive to San Diego in 2013!

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 5.55.27 PMSince this proclamation the internet forums have been ablaze with guesses of what the figure will be as well as wish-lists and polls of what fans want to see. In years past Mattel has featured some of the more off-beat characters as their DCUC exclusive, but with the birth of Club Infinite Earths, where the specialize in over sized and niche characters, what the specially selected item will be is really anyone’s guess at this point.

We’ll keep you posted on any developments as they come in but hopefully we can get a teaser of what will be offered at next month’s Toy Fair.


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