Who’s On Your Comic-Con Wishlist?

San Diego Comic Con

Yes, it’s way early to be thinking about this but dont’ tell me you haven’t. Who are you hoping to see at SDCC 2013? Is it a certain comic artist? Maybe a movie you’ve heard about? Or perhaps a new show that’s being handled by Marvel Overlord Joss Whedon? Here’s what I’m hoping to catch at San Diego Comic-Con, besides the con-flu.

1. Arrow
I believe it was there this past year but sadly I wasn’t. I’ve been hooked since day one and would love to be able to see the cast in person and maybe some sneakpeaks of what’s to come.

2. Marvel All The Thingz
Seriously. I’ll take anything. I’ll take “Thor: The Dark World” or “S.H.I.E.L.D.” news.

3. Matt Fraction
I want to personally thank this man for being the awesome person that he is and for kicking ass with Hawkeye.

4. NerdHQ
I’ve got my fingers crossed for more awesome guests at NerdHQ this year. Maybe, just maybe, there will be something “Thor” related with Zachary Levi being in the new movie.

5. Doctor Who
I’m new to Who and would love to catch a panel. Granted, it would depend on the time and day since I know it’s one of those indemand shows/panels.

I’m going to keep my list at five, even though I could list plenty more like Supernatural, Joss Whedon and on and on. But enough out me, what’s on your list? Let us know in the comments!


  • NerdHQ for sure! I watched the panels from home for the past 2 years and am super excited to actually be there this year. (fingers crossed). Oh, and Game of Thrones, though I’m anticipating huge lines, regardless of the Hall it’s in.

  • DEFF more NERD HQ this year…that place is a gold mine!!! Also super excited for my first SDCC as a Whovian…I’ll be going totally fan girl on some Doctor Who stuff! I’ll be doing my wish list closer to SDCC since I might find something new to obsess over by then 🙂 Also LOVE Arrow now I wish I would have gotten my picture with Stephen Amell last year at the WB stage. He was just walking around getting pix with everyone! Such a sweet guy.

  • I’m hoping to finally see a Hunger Games (Catching Fire) panel! I was disappointed that there wasn’t one at WonderCon last year (which was held a week or so before the movie came out).

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