Girls, Comic-Books and The Hawkeye Initiative.

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We’ve all seen the various memes that have taken over the internet in the past few years. Pictures of cats doing ridiculously cute things and shamed dogs have probably filled up our in-between busy moments at work.

Recently, there have been arguments sprouting up in various forums around the web about the female portrayl in the comic books and in cosplay. Over-sexualization, impossible poses, and non-exsistant costumes aside, it’s been getting pretty heated out there.

But then there is The Hawkeye Initiative

The Tumblr blog has become an internet celeb of sorts recently, displaying submitted artwork from various artists.

The gist of The Hawkeye Initiative is for artists to replace the over-sexualized, misproportioned, and down-right unnatrual poses by female characters in comic books with that of the character Hawkeye in the same pose and/or costume.

I’ve spent a ton of time sifting through it all and laughing until I cried. Granted though it’s not for everyone and there are some haters out there who think the initiative is ridiculous (not in a good way)

But, be sure to check it out for yourself and if you’re an artist and would like to add to the collection, I’m sure the web would love your addition!

*please note that some of the work depicted may not be suitable for work or children*

(Hawkeye art by thecolorfulway)

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