Comic-Con To Stay In San Diego Through 2016

San Diego Comic Con

KPBS has an article up announcing that SDCC will be staying in San Diego through 2016. It sounds like details still need to be worked out regarding hotel rates but I’m liking the sound of this news.

I personally love having the event in San Diego. I don’t think I’d attend or have has much fun if it moved to LA or Las Vegas. I know it gets crowded, I know it gets crazy but that’s part of the “charm” of Comic-Con. Yes, we all end up bitching about but in the end we have way more fun and end up forgetting about the bad things. Plus, with the amount of outside events, you don’t even need passes anymore.

I will say, I love this quote from the article:

“Sanders said Comic-Con turns the Gaslamp Quarter into a “high-tech Twilight Zone” with great people-watching.”


  • I respectfully disagree. This event has out grown the venue. There is nothing charming about tickets selling out in 90 min. There is nothing charming about sleeping on concrete at 2 am to just get a seat in hall H for doctor who panel, or not being able to move on con floor on Saturday Our SDCC scavenger hunt gave extra points last year for person with most times heard on con floor ” there’s too many people I need to get out” I went to Wonder Con last year and practically did the sound of music dance on the con floor every day. For presage I was only able to secure thur Sunday pass and will probably do nerd hq and walking dead on Friday Saturday While I live the nostalgia of SD it’s time to acknowledge its growth and get a bigger venue

    • Thanks for your comments! The thing is, I don’t think a bigger space fixes the sell out/badge issue. If anything, I see that making it worse.

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