WONDERCON To Stay In Anaheim For 2013


Fanboys and girls! Rejoice (or mourn) because WONDERCON will once again find itself at the Anaheim Convention Center! With the show’s longtime home at the Moscone Center in San Fransisco still undergoing an expansion, Comic-Con International has remained tight lipped on any information regarding the 2013 iteration of the popular convention until today when they posted the following on their site:

As many of you are aware, it has been our hope to return to San Francisco for WonderCon 2013.We have been waiting for information on the availability of the Moscone Center and were just officially offered dates, though they were for the fall.

However, those dates coincide with another very large city wide event, and this has resulted in some unavoidable conflicts. Among them hotel room blocks we explored near, and not so near, the Moscone Center started at $300 per night.

This, along with the expected difficulty of exhibitors and attendees in securing airfare for those outside of driving distance of San Francisco for that weekend, has resulted in us not being able to secure San Francisco as a location for WonderCon in 2013.

However, because we knew there was a possibility of not being able to return to San Francisco, we have scheduled WonderCon: Anaheim to be held March 29-31, 2013. Hopefully we will be able to return WonderCon to San Francisco sometime soon.


This information has lead a few industry insiders to speculate that the move of this Spring show to Anaheim has been such a great success that the folks over at CCI are working to create a brand new high level event to be held in the city as well as resuming an annual show in San Francisco. This is all speculation at the moment but if it does turn out to be true it could lead to CCI having a major event in each of SoCal’s major cities.

Stay tuned to for more as it is made available.

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