Another Baltimore Comic-Con In The Books


This was only my 2nd time attending my hometown Con and I had a great time! I noticed it didn’t seem that crowded this year. Or maybe it’s the fact that the Stan Lee lines were better handled.

I only had a few missions at this convention. I wanted to pick up a few comics (Hawkeye, Captain Marvel & Gambit) and try and start my sketchbook. I did some research before hand and spotted a few artists that I wanted to check out and get sketches from. I was actually really excited to start my book. I was nervous too since it was all new to me.

The first artist that was on my list was Josh Adams and it just happened that his table was the first I came across. He was really nice and I gave him some tips on places to eat in the area. It was pretty awesome to stand there and watch someone sketch. What starts as a few random lines ends up looking like your favorite character. If you have to ask who my favorite is, I don’t know what to say but since I love you guys, Hawkeye. Josh asked if I wanted a quick sketch or commission and I went with quick sketch. It didn’t cost a thing and I got to have a nice chat with a pretty cool guy. Here’s his take on Hawkeye. He went with the “Ultimate’s” version.

After I thanked him, I wandered off into the crowd. As always there was some pretty amazing cosplay on display. It seems that every year at Baltimore, you see a ton of Harley Quinn’s and Poison Ivy’s walking around and this year was no different. I saw a fair amount of Captain America’s, Star Wars characters (as always) and rumor has it there was even a Thanos. I saw a few non-comic book costumes too. I saw a Katniss walking around and of course various Doctor’s from “Doctor Who.” I honestly didn’t take too many pictures this year. While it wasn’t as crowded as last year, it was still a bit tight to stop and take photos. I did manage to take these though!

If you want to know how small the world really is, I actually ran into “Loki” once before. She was at the AMC Marvel Marathon back when “Avengers” was released! I thought the person looked familiar but I wasn’t sure. She actually found my Tumblr and I asked and she confirmed it was her! Pretty awesome, right? The Lady Loki and Hawkeye were pretty popular. I believe they were there both days and would hold poses for 10 minutes or more just to make sure everyone had a chance to take a photo.

The next artist I checked out was Kevin Bolk of Interrobang Studios. Melinda had found him at Wizard World Chicago and informed me he was local and would be at Baltimore Comic Con. While you night not know his name, you probably know this:

Yup! He’s the artist behind “Assvengers.” He even had a print on his table with a sign that said “As seen on the internet!” Kevin was extremely nice. I asked if he was doing sketches and he said he was and I requested Hawkeye and said I wouldn’t mind if it was something similar to his “Assvengers” piece. He went to work!

As he was sketching it out he asked my name and said he was having way too much fun. I have to say, I love it! I can’t wait to see all the different versions of Hawkeye I end up with. If Kevin ever happens to be at a Con near you, be sure to stop by his table and check out his work.

The only panel I checked out was for MarvelNow. There was a good size crowd and the panel had a nice flow to it. It was mainly Q&A but they brought up a few fans to read a few of the new MarvelNOW books. I would’ve loved to make it up on stage but they were asking trivia questions out my league which means everyone who made it up on stage was male and most likely over 40. The main issues everyone had was why even do this to begin with. Why go back to #1 and as they explained it, it’s to try and bring in new readers. While those of us who know our comics know where to pick up and understand the number system, new readers are most likely confused and intimidated by the higher numbers. I can see that but it doesn’t stop me from picking up a book. Granted, I’m more of a trade person for space and personal reasons but a trade isn’t going to happen if a series doesn’t make it. One of the fans that made it up countered with, well in 3 years there will be new fans and what then? Simply answered, it’ll still be easier to go back and find a #1 in the future than it is now. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! Everyone who got to read the new books did give high remarks though. The gentleman that read Thor explained he knew a little about the character but after reading the new MarvelNOW, he plans on picking it up and following the new story. I know there are a few books I plan on checking out and can’t wait to see how this launch does.

That panel was the end of the day for me. I did get to meet @Amy_Geek who is just as nice and lovely in person as she is on Twitter. During the Marvel panel, I got to hang out with @aganej2 who is a pretty awesome guy and has a bright future ahead of him in journalism!

I only attended one day, I had planned to attend both but life gets in the way sometimes. Plus parking was $25 and I wasn’t looking forward to spending $50 just on that. It was a very successful Con though! I managed to start my sketchbook and pick up the comics that I wanted. I have to say, if you haven’t picked up the new “Captain Marvel,” there’s something wrong with you. It’s a great story with great artwork. The same goes with “Hawkeye” but I’ve been raving about that on Twitter. I don’t have any feedback on “Gambit” yet. I still need to really sit down and give it a good reading. I kind of glanced through it.

If you attended Baltimore Comic Con 2012, what did you think? What was your highlight? Maybe you had issues? Let us know in the comments!

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