Dates For 2014 San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic Con

After doing some Google-fu around the internets, we have stumbled upon the dates for 2014’s Comic Con International in San Diego. START PLANNING YOUR TRIP NOW!!!

Thanks to the official Convention Center’s online schedule, the show is set for 7/24/2014 – 7/27/2014 with a preview night more than likely set for that Wednesday 23rd.

So, you now have 691 days from today to plan for the con!


Since this post is uber popular, here’s a link to information on 2014 Pre-Registration!


    • Tickets for next year (2014) won’t be available until sometime later this year, most likely in the Fall/Winter.

    • did you even goolge it or anything before asking? I mean no offense by this, but it seems like people who ask these questions are the same people who get pissed that they can’t get a ticket in the sale. But if you still need more info go here:

      • This will be my son’s and my first Comic Con ever so we are trying to prepare as soon as possible. Thanks for your reply.

        • Hope you aren’t disappointed at getting tickets. It has become harder and harder for even long-time attendees to buy tickets. I’ve heard of people who have been going for 15 years who have been shut out. Also, unless you did attend this year, you won’t have first crack at next year’s tickets as keeping your 2013 badge is a requirement to buy one for 2014. I really think they need to start some kind of lottery to be fair to all.

  • This since has been taken down off the calendar, but there is another convention booked from 7/15/2014 – 7/17/2014. The dates above could be correct, CCI may just not be ready to announce it officially.

  • Where can I advertise my one-bedroom condo (sleeps 4) that is 1.4 miles from the Convention which is available July 14-21?

    • You should try joining a website called VRBO or People will take listings there more seriously than say Craigslist.

  • not there dude. check again. i think you’re creating that image.
    I was just on the site and searched for COMIC, and pulled the 18 month calendar. no comic con 2014

    • They took it down not too long after we found it and put the dates up.

      If it was a fake, created image then I’d be an idiot to include the link to where it was found, right?

  • Hi guys.
    I may sound a little out of the loop but I am Australian and will be in the US for a holiday and would like to go to the San Diego comic con 2014. Can anyone help me with dates or any helpful advice?

    • register on the San Diego comic con site and they will send you the time/date (it was sometime in February 2013 when I bought them) that they will sell them in an e-mail (e-mail may take months to receive). Be sure to create an account for each person that you would like to attend with you, because you can only buy extra tickets for registered members. Make sure you are ready to buy them the second the sale starts, they sell out within minutes. Luckily, I got tickets for my daughter and myself 🙂

      • Unless they have changed the system, you do absolutely have to be poised at your computer the moment they go on sale. I did so last year and was still after 22,000 other people in the queue (it moves fast – only 40 minutes or so before it was my turn). I did get a four-day pass but only two one-day passes for my sister. And for 2014, you have to have attended in 2013 to be in the first cull. Sad for those eagerly looking forward to their first con. (Though so many talk of NOT attending due to increasingly long waits for the big presentations and the general crush of bodies.)

  • If the ticket system is the same as it is next year as this year likely thousands of people if not more won’t be able to go because it was like waiting at an iron gate with a stack of willy wonka golden tickets behind it (limited amount) and a huge crowd trying to grab them at once. If you were extremely lucky you got one. If you got in the back of the line like me or waited too long you were hosed.

  • I’m from the UK and really confused as to what the process is in regards to buying tickets. It would just be me and my brother, so would I have to create an account for him also? I’ve signed up on the actual website so i’m not sure what to do now? Any help? Thanks.

  • You first have to register on the Comic Con website ( then they will email you when the passes go on sale (usually a week or two before). Individual passes are about $40 for Thur/Fri, $45 for Sat, $25 for Sun. 4-day – $150, 4-day w/preview night – $175. That’s off the top of my head.

  • badges will be going on sale this August 2013 but the release will only be available to those that attended this year’s event. You have to have a member ID and a SDCC 2013 badge in order to purchase. Tickets will go on sale to the “general public” sometime in February 2014.

  • anyone who has gone to last years comic con ? how do i get tickets ive already became a member do i just wait till recieve an email when tickets will be going on sale ?i really dont want to miss out on this years comic con!

  • anyone feeling nice and patient enough to explain to me how comic con works? like i understand u should sign up as a member to recieve emails when they are going to sell the tickets because they sell out very very fast so ive heard.If you do camp out for the pannels and are lucky enough to be the couple first to make it in do u pick where u want to sit or they just stick u where ever?Also could u actually meet the characters or do they not even bother to let you take pictures with them? And is there a high or low chance for only 2 people wanting to go for the full 4 days to get the tickets those 4 day passes sell out like hot cakes man -.-

    • Once you get into a room, you can sit wherever you want. There is no assigned seating, first come first serve. There are chances to meet the actors but sometimes you need to win a lottery to get that chance. Of course you could always run into someone while walking around as well! Tickets sell out fast, there’s always a chance one person might get what they want as far as badges and the other might not get anything at all.

  • went for the first time this year, so here is some advice:

    -get the 4-day pass, you can’t possibly see everything in 1 day.
    -if you want to see the popular panels, expect a 12+ hour wait in line.
    -some of the “lesser” panel have minimal wait, but they are pretty cool. my daughter wanted to see the my little pony panel and we only waited 1 hour in line.
    -do not eat the food in the convention center, it is stale and expensive. you can leave and come back in, so plan for a restaurant.
    -bring $$$, there is a lot of cool stuff there. I actually bought my 2 year old some star trek barbies.

  • This Year was my 1st year going and I loved it !! I was there 4 days with preview night. So i’m just waiting to get my Tix for nxt year should be in August for this years 4 day ticket holders. But I just checked to Convention Center Website and there is Nothing on there about Comic-con for next year. Sooooo idk where this person got that info from!!!

    • When I wrote this the info was on the site and since then it was removed (it happens). The screen grab was my insurance/proof in case they did take it down.

      This has since been proven to be true by CCI themselves.

  • Thanks for this, i liked . Do you know where i will can find tickets and the approximate price?

  • for those who have previously gone before could you explain how the ticket buying works i understand you need to become a member as well as the other person planning on going with you ,then you wait till you get that email saying they will be selling tickets .once you get that email and go strait on from that on i have no idea what to do!.. like we should both be separately on to buy the 4 day passes fast before they sell out .and for those that have gotten the chance to get on the page fast enough and order your tickets does it sometimes slow down or have problems due to lots of people trying to get those tickets ? just curious! its a dream of mine to beable to attend this years comic con! any tips will be greatly appreciated!!thanks

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