RedBubble Is Looking For The Next Great Artist for NYCC Poster

New York Comic Con

Fancy yourself a great artist but can’t seem to get exposure? RedBubble is here to help! They are holding a contest where one lucky entrant will have a chance to be the artist of their official New York Comic-Con poster.

This is HUGE!

Here are the official criteria as well as a link to go to read more info on eligibility and prizes as well as the rules.

Your poster design must include the following:
– The show dates, October 11-14, 2012, although they can be scripted any way you choose.
– A mention of ‘New York Comic-Con’, or ‘NYCC’.
– A mention of ‘Redbubble’ (it’s one word kids) you can access our logo here but you don’t need to use it.
– It must be available as a poster, then we know it’s big enough to print
– It can be landscape, portrait or square, or an as yet undiscovered shape

Your design must not include the following:
– Any copyrighted material, characters, logos etc. If in doubt. Don’t.
– Cats. Unless they are very funny cats.

Click HERE for more.

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