Win $100 To Yandy.Com!

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I’ll be reviewing an Avengers Black Widow costume from Yandy.Com once my size is in stock, but in the meantime they’ve been nice enough to offer a $100 e-card to one of our loyal readers. If you don’t know, Yandy sells costumes on the sexier end of the spectrum as well as items like jewelery, tights, shoes and plenty of other options as well. Their website isn’t 100% “Safe For Work” since they do feature lingerie and other sexy clothing items. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up!

As far as the contest to win this awesome prize, it’s not going to be easy. $100 is a good chunk of change. It could pay for a whole costume, it could help you finish up a costume by being able to pick up shoes or leggings. The possibilities are endless! So, what do you guys need to do?

We want to see your artistic side. We want you guys to draw your favorite superheros in the setting of a TV show. Wait, what? What does that mean? As an example, maybe you draw The Avengers hanging out at McClarens like in “How I Met Your Mother.” Perhaps the Justice League likes to hang out at Central Perk like in “Friends.” It can be any show and any superhero. It’s up to you! We aren’t looking for any amazing pieces of art. We just want you guys to have fun with it. It doesn’t have to be digital art either. If you’re better with a pen and pencil, feel free to draw something and then scan and send!

Since this contest might take a little more time to complete, we’ll give you until the end of August to enter, that’s August 31st. Then all of us here at WNA will check out the artwork, have healthy debates and finally pick a winner. If you have any questions please let us know.

You can send all entries to We can’t wait to your entries! Good luck everyone!

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