Fun Little Interview With Hilton San Diego Bayfront

San Diego Comic Con

I reached out to the The Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel to see if they would be interested in a little Q&A session. They agreed which is fantastic! I want to thank Katie E. who’s the Social Media Manager for taking the time to take a look at the questions and send them off to the correct people for the best answers.

WNA: First, something a little fun. How does your staff keep from getting star-struck?! It can’t be easy. Do you have any funny stories you could share with our readers?

Hilton: We definitely have star-struck moments, but for the most part our entire team stays focused on providing outstanding service and creating a safe and comfortable experience for celebrities and convention attendees. Some celebrities have come in costumes they can walk around freely and unnoticed. You could be sitting right next to a major star and not even know it.

WNA: I imagine you have a packed house during that week and that can generate a lot of waste, especially paper products with all the flyers and paper items that are handed out. Does the Hilton Bayfront offer recycling for its guests?

Hilton: We have a consistent recycling and food composting program throughout the guest rooms and public areas of the hotel year-round. Comic Con can create a bit more waste than usual so we are sure to step up our efforts during the convention.

 WNA: I know many of our readers, and myself included, start planning for the next Comic-Con as soon as we arrive home. When does the hotel start prepping? What goes into getting ready for such a large event?

Hilton: We also beginning planning for next year as soon as the convention is over, but the bulk of our preparations start a couple of months out.A lot of meticulous organization is required of our reservations and events departments. Our culinary and food & beverage departments get busy prepping that we have plenty of affordable food options for our guests. Our security department does push ups to get ready…just kidding (they do that all year-long).

WNA: Do you add extra staff during Comic-Con? With such an influx of customers I’d assume you’d need the extra help. How do you handle the large crowds? Not just the crowds staying with you, but being one of the main hotels for celebrities, I’m sure you deal with a large amount of lobby lurkers as well.

Hilton: Being a large convention hotel, we are fortunate to employ a full-time team year-round, and our guests are so great that we don’t need to bulk up with extra staff.

WNA: Now, this might sound crazy, but what about non-SDCC vacationers? I can’t imagine people head out to San Diego during that time period who aren’t planning to attend but I’m sure it’s happened?

Hilton: I’m sure it does happen and I hope those guests are pleasantly surprised with what they’ve stumbled upon. Of course we strive to please all our guests and deliver the extraordinary service Hilton has become famous for.

If you want to learn more about the hotel be sure to check out their Facebook page and you can even follow them on Twitter. Again, I want to thank them for taking the time to answer a few questions. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to send them a few of your questions.

The hotel has agreed to a little fan Q&A when it gets closer to SDCC 2013! You have plenty of time to think up some good questions. I’ll probably send something in January but of course I’ll be sure to post/tweet about it.

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