Did You Get Your 2013 Comic-Con Passes?

San Diego Comic Con '13

Today tickets went on sale for 2012 badge holders ONLY (general sale is coming in early 2013) and though the four days passes sold out briskly the queue wasnt as bad as many have predicted.

If you qualified to purchases passes and decided to go for it did you get what you want? Did items sell out as you tried to add more people? Sound off in the comments below and tell us your experiences!


  • I used their link and it kept sending me in circles! I ended up being 20,699 and only got Thursday and Sunday. Went from having 4 day passes with preview night to this. Not happy.

  • I’m happy that I got Thurs,Fri,Sun. I tried to purchase for my buddy right after and Fri sold out. We’ll try our luck with the public reg, but I can’t complain!

  • Painless process. Knew my @8000 in line would go quick when those with multiple devices (like me) got their tickets and then shut down their other windows. Unfortunately, just missed preview night, but got our two 4-day passes and, along with our usual hotel already reserved, can relax for the next 11 months!

  • Got 2 preview night badges and 1 4 day (w/o preview night). I got in at the low 7000s and actually got really lucky–preview night sold out right after I got the first two badges. Things definitely seemed to go slower than last March–back then, I got into the room in the mid 6000s and was on the purchasing page by 8:15. Today, it wasn’t in there until 8:26, although things did start moving faster as time went on (my very last room refresh moved me from 1200-something to 78th in line).

  • Well I only got Thrusday and Sunday , I was about 22,000 in line when it started, hopefully I’ll be able to snake Friday and Saturday at open reg , when everyone else is going for 4 day passes 😀

  • I preferred sleeping outside on the sidewalk where I had control of my own destiny and wasn’t at the mercy of an overloaded server that kicked 2 of my friends to the back of the line for no reason whatsoever.

    • This is exactly how I feel. The old system worked because those that truly wanted tickets could get tickets. This system throws everyone at the mercy of CCI’s shitty infrastructure.

  • Had trouble loading the page at 8:00am. Around 8:05am I got in @ #12900s. Managed to get single day passes Thurs-Sun for me, spouse and brother. Not done yet though, still need to do open registration for my 13 yr old though in early 2013…

  • I was in the 800’s and got two 4 day passes with preview night! I’ve always managed to get tickets. Must be my fast clicking. 🙂

  • Process was nice and easy, refreshed the page at 11 (eastern time) and got in. Was number 30 and was able to grab two 4 day with preview night badges

  • I logged in at 8:00 with IE, Chrome and Firefox. I kept getting time outs till I finally got 10400. For those who go in early, did you keep clicking till you got a page, or did you click on a page and wait for a bit. Not sure what the best strategy is? I got 4 one day passes, but will try to upgrade when public action occurs.

  • The queue “wasnt as bad”? The servers didn’t crash, if that’s what you mean, but I was on the site within seconds of the site going live and only got in around #8000. I missed preview night, only got 4 day. I am happy with that, but it’s like a slot machine, not knowing if you’ll win. I agree with Michelle above that sleeping on the sidewalk is unfortunate but at least you are in “control of your own destiny”!

  • Took about 6 minutes to load page ended up 17k got Thur and Sun I’ll try for Fri-Sat with the masses or I’ll just do walking dead and Nerd HQ those days we ended up with preview night last year and still spent a solid day doing stuff outside con So no worries Sunday is my only must since that’s been Supetnatural-Doctor Who

  • i got in at 8am, but my son got in after me with a lower number. His laptop came up before my computer so we got 4 day plus preview night on his computer. Happy!

  • I got in at 19,500–Only got Th and Sun. Anyone know the actual chances of picking up a badge in 2013 for myself or family member with the masses. Any tips?

  • Not a good experience at all. Had a four day pass this last SDCC and entered the queue at 15550. By the time I got thru everything was gone except single day Thursday passes. So much for SDCC taking care of long time attendees 🙁 I’ll just have to wait till they wise up and split this show up into two conventions as the demand is just to high to get anything decent. Really disappointed to say the least.

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