SDCC ’12: Celebrity Encounters 3

San Diego Comic Con

This batch of celebrity encounter photos from SDCC 2012 includes a trio from reader Rachel who shares this awesome description:

I ran into the man that got me thru the Peace Corps (I only got TV at night for about two to three hours on two to three channels in the former Soviet Union. The Highlander was on Mondays with the English left in and the Russian thrown over the English with about a two second delay. A man’s voice doing all the roles. If you focused enough, you could ignore the Russian. It was my guaranteed English/sanity time & I loved the show prior to PC); Adrian Paul, Duncan MacLeod on The Highlander TV Series. He looked as good as the last movie! It was my first geek heart goes pitter patter moment of SDCC in 6 years – made my all 6 years of SDCC! Two photos attached of the momentous occasion! He was at a booth promoting the animated film War of the Worlds: Goliath where he and Peter Wingfield (Methos) are voice actors in.

…and – my friend and I ran into soap opera star Michael Easton, who was promoting his graphic novel: Soul Stealers. – photo attached too. My friend was more excited about this star sighting then I was.

We also saw David Arquette (salt and pepper hair) with an unknown woman stop by the Artist Alley information table, Dr. Satan shopping, Rob Zombie, and Blake Anderson of Workaholics.

After that we have reader, Tricia-Nicole who has this to say about her enounter:

I cosplayed as Felicia’s character Codex from The Guild, so meeting her this year was on my wishlist! After getting ready, I left my hostel in hopes that I would make it to her meet and greet before I had to leave for the Nerd HQ Psych Conversation. Sure enough, two steps out the door of the hostel, we saw her walking down the street towards us! Not only was she nice enough to take a picture with me, but since I was the first costume she saw, she got a picture of us on her phone and put it on her instagram!

Lastly, reader Rachel shares a friends pic and story of this unusual celebrity sighting:

A former co-worker saw this Sons of Anarchy star on the freeway, driving back up to L.A. after Comic Con – one of (if not) only one that actually does drive a Harley. She said she screamed out the window, he turned and smiled – thus she screamed some more. She called another co-worker while still driving next to him and she thought with all her friend’s screaming they had gotten in a car accident – I guess it was just that exciting.

Click on any of the photos to see a larger version!

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