The Walking Dead Escape 2012

San Diego Comic Con

Every year it seems that there’s a new off-site event during San Diego Comic-Con and this year wasn’t any different. One of the larger events that went on was The Walking Dead Escape. AMC’s “The Walking Dead” took over PETCO Park and infested it with Walkers. You could either join the horde as a zombie, a survivor or just be a spectator.

A few of our followers on Twitter took part in this event and all of them agree it was worth the money. Alex played the role of “survivor” and said it “was much harder, especially physically but also a bit mentally, than I was prepared for.” Bryan would agree, he didn’t take part but “met a lot of people coming out as survivors that said it was a lot more physical than they anticipated but still worth it.” It sounds like this might be something you could compare to Run For Your Lives which is a 5K zombie obstacle course. While Bryan didn’t take part, a friend of his joined the undead and shared this story which Bryan passed along to us:

Anyway, one moment my friend shared with me was that he was walking toward one guy who was running and tripped over something, or part of a barricade. He said that when the guy tripped, he dropped his cell phone. In that moment my friend made eye contact and could read his mind because the guy who tripped paused for a moment, stared at his cell phone, and BOLTED! He said someone else came back to pick up the phone for him, but wow, he was totally into it!

I think it’s great and hilarious that someone actually forgot that this was something set up. I’m not going to lie, I would probably sit in a corner and cry during something like this. The mind is a powerful thing but can be tricked easily in the right situation.

Here are a few photos that Neill sent in.

Not only that, but here’s a video of the course!

I think it’s awesome that people thought about using those helmet cameras. It’s almost like we’re there! But safe in our homes not being chased by crazy people.

It’ll be interesting to see if they bring this back next year. I know it’s early but I expect “The Walking Dead” to be a staple at San Diego Comic Con for years to come. If they do bring it back, I wonder if they’ll adjust anything like the prices or the course itself. If you took part, feel free to add your comments! We’d love to hear from you!


  • I took part as a Walker on the Friday evening and I LOVED IT. It was my favourite thing from the whole week. I won’t hesitate to do it again next year 🙂

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