Comic-Con Hotel Review: Residence Inn Downtown San Diego

San Diego Comic Con

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Residence Inn Downtown San Diego:
By: Laurie

Initially my friend and I were excited to stay at the Residence Inn Downtown San Diego. The hotel is only a mile away from the Convention Center, and, since this hotel is geared for extended stay visits, all of the rooms are suites. We were thrilled we had a place to store and cook meals, instead of going out to dinner every night. This saved us a lot of money. The hotel also offered a shuttle service that would take us anywhere in Downtown San Diego. This saved us money on cabs when we were desperate for a ride.

After one night in the hotel our views started to changed. While the hotel was only a mile away, it was out of way from the Gaslamp District where all of our friends were staying. It took us about 30-45 minutes to get to and from the convention center if we walked, took the Comic Con shuttles, or the hotel shuttle. When we wanted to go out at night, it was a real hassle to leave the convention center, get to the hotel, make dinner, get ready, and then go out again. Please keep in mind we like to spend all day at the convention center and then go out at night to the various parties, so this is just our own annoyance and may not be an issue for some people. We did not realize this would bother us until we arrived.

Nevertheless, the hotel had one major, significant flaw. At least four times a day the power would go out. At first we thought it was a fluke, but it kept occurring throughout the four days in San Diego. Finally we asked what was going on, and the front desk attendant explained the hotel’s network cannot support all of the computers Comic Con attendees are using in the hotel rooms (she said one room had seven computers running). Due to this power outage, the elevators were not working and our suite was isolated because the fire doors were closed. We had to take the stairs and walk outside around the hotel to get to the front desk. The power outages made everything difficult, like cooking, sleeping and getting ready for the day.

Overall, if you are going to stay at the Residence Inn Downtown San Diego for Comic Con, make sure they solved their electrical issues. Also, if you do not mind being away from the Convention Center and all of the events going on throughout the day and night, then this is a great place to stay. The staff is friendly, the suites are nice, and the location is acceptable if it suites your needs.

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