Comic-Con Hotel Review: Residence Inn Gaslamp

San Diego Comic Con

Comic-Con Hotel Review: Residence Inn Gaslamp
By: Dan

We were lucky enough to get the Residence Inn this year, after staying in and loving it the previous year. The hotel has a lot of really nice amenities that we frankly didn’t expect to get given the randomness of the Comic Con hotel situation and the general overcrowding of the hotels in downtown San Diego. First, the location. The hotel is located on 6th and J. This is close enough to the convention center where going between the two takes virtually no thought or effort. However, the hotel is just far enough away so that the street was free of the perpetual mass of people outside on the street faced by hotels like the Hard Rock.

Next, the hotel itself. The rooms were massive and had a full kitchen. Our view was pretty lackluster (our window looked right down into the pool) but, given the fact that the hotel was full, I didn’t expect much. The only problem that we ran into was that the bed and the pull-out sofa faced each other, and when both were open, they touched, and the two beds bisected the room and formed a barrier between one side and the other. Another person who was sleeping on the floor in our room had to climb on top of the beds in order to get from their side of the room to the bathroom, which became annoying. Other than that, the rooms were really big, and I turned a large portion of the floor into an area where I can quickly dump my swag and get back out quickly. Even with a large portion of the floor taken up, there was still ample room to walk. However, the only garbage can in the room was a small one in the bathroom, and it filled up quickly and was a hassle to get to. The AC in the room worked really well, and the staff was incredibly fast in bringing us extra pillows when we asked for them.

In fact, the staff in general were great. From check-in to checkout, we didn’t have a single problem and the staff were universally pleasant. They even allowed me to check in even though I didn’t have the credit card associated with the room. (The person who had bought our room was flying in later in the day. They allowed me to check in and told me that I should just have the other person bring their credit card to the front desk when she arrived. Without the awesomeness of the staff at the front desk, I would have been without a place to put my things for the good part of a day.) The real shining feature of this hotel is the breakfast, though. Every morning, they had a huge hot breakfast buffet that was entirely free. I had a waffle topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, cereal, and bacon for breakfast every day of the Con (healthy, I know). The coffee was lackluster, but then again, all hotel coffee sucks. Overall, the breakfast was really convenient, saved us some money and was one of the main reasons we wanted to come back two years in a row. The only other issue that I had, albeit a minor one, was that the elevators require you to insert your keycard to use. This became particularly troublesome when I had my hands full with bags of stuff. In general, the hotel was great

The hotel was not the cheapest, at $209 per night, but it was well worth it. The location paired with the great staff and free breakfast made for a stay that I really didn’t think we could get considering we were competing with tens of thousands of other people for a small number of hotel rooms in San Diego. Overall a great stay.


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  • Our group stayed there one year for SDCC and absolutely loved it. Great Location, Friendly Staff. Amazing Rooms. Highly Recommend it. Great Review, Dan.

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