Where Can I Watch NerdHQ Panels?


The lovely folks at NerdHQ were nice enough to livestream their panels over the weekend. But what if you were out and about? What if you didn’t have the chance to watch it live? Well, you can watch all the panels on Break.com! You’ll be able to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home and catch up with “Grimm” or Joss Whedon or the cast of “Doctor Who.” Seriously, every panel they held over the Comic-Con weekend is just sitting there waitin for you to watch.

I haven’t had the chance to watch any yet but I can tell you from attending last year, do it. If you see that someone you like was part of NerdHQ, check out their panel. It’s always laid back and fun, plus the questions are always a little better than the one’s asked during a Comic-Con panel. It’s great to see celebrities just sit back and enjoy the ride and that’s what they do at NerdHQ.

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