We Want Your Comic-Con Celeb Encounters!

San Diego Comic Con

We did this last year and people loved it. If you ran into someone famous during San Diego Comic Con, send us your photos! If there’s a funny story be sure to include that as well. It doesn’t matter where you met them. Did you attend a party? In line for Hall H? Camping out? In the bathroom? Of course I’m hoping if you met them in the bathroom you didn’t bother them for a photo.

If you have photos you want to share send them here! We can’t wait to see them!



  • Are you ready for my list? LOL

    ++Micheal Ausiello’s “Aushole” party
    – Micheal Ausiello, owner of TVline.com
    – Shawn Ashmore — “X-Men”

    ++IGN / Expendables 2 party:
    – Kevin Pereira — “Attack of the Show”

    ++VIP at the Resident Evil 6 party:
    – Cast of “Teen Wolf” (MTV)
    – RZA, rapper / actor
    – Dax Shepard
    – David Bautista, wrestler

    ++WIRED Cafe:
    (Saw many actors there from Dexter, True Blood, Twilight, The Walking Dead, etc — just didn’t go up to them)
    – Thomas Jane — “Punshier”, “Scott Pilgrim”, “Hung”
    – Steven Yeun — Glenn on “The Walking Dead”

    ++ EW party:
    (I wasn’t at this party, but I met these guys on the patio of my hotel room at the Hard Rock Hotel. They had to walk by me to get to the red carpet.)
    – Stephen Moyer — “True Blood”
    – Joe Manganiello — “True Blood”
    – Alexander Skarsgard — “True Blood”
    – Darren Criss — “Glee”
    – Jesse Bradford — “Item 47”, “Swimfan”
    – Jeffrey Dean Morgan — “Magic City”, “Watchmen”, “Grey’s Anatomy”

    ++NBC Digital Blogger Party:
    – Cast of “Grimm”
    – Yvette Brown — “Community”
    – Giancarlo Esposito — “Breaking Bad” “Do The Right Thing”
    – Crystal the monkey, aka Annie’s Boobs! from “Community”

    • I have a picture with everyone I mentioned!! — I’m going to touch up the photos (and make them smaller) tonight and I’ll have Mario load some of them onto the server to post!

  • Wired Cafe:
    ~ John C Rielly
    ~ Morgan Spurlock
    ~ Felecia Day

    Adult Swim’s Dethklok Concert (and GirlTalk performance):
    ~ Seth Green
    ~ Blake Anderson (Workaholics) *Photo
    ~ Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philedelphia)

    On the Con floor and/or in the surrounding area:
    ~ Karen Gilliam (I didn’t get a photo because once I realize she wasn’t just a really awesome cosplayer, she was seriously RUNNING from fans)
    ~ Wil Wheaton *photo
    ~ Seth Green (again)
    ~ Jamie Hyneman *photo
    ~ Doc Hammer
    ~ Michael Ausiello
    ~ JOHN BARROWMAN (sorry, serious Whovian over here) *photo

  • I only got a chance to take a picture with one celebrity at the Con, Colin Ferguson from Eureka. He was so nice. He was walking down the street in the Gaslamp area and when he stopped to speak with one fan, he was approached by others as well. He stayed on that corner for more than 30 minutes talking to people and taking pictures. He was really great with everyone and I am pretty sure he had somewhere he was supposed to be. I saw some other celebrites as well but I only have one picture to share so I am glad it is of someone who appreciates the fans of the show.

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