Things Seen @ NerdHQ: Doctor Who Singing Queen


I love NerdHQ. Why? Because you never know what’s going to happen or who’s going to show up. This year they really brought it with the panels. It seems like everyone stopped by NerdHQ over the weekend, including the cast of Doctor Who. They had their very own panel which sold out in seconds when it went one sale. Yes, seconds. If I remember right The Nerd Machine tweeted that they sold out in just 15 seconds. Well, I’m pretty sure those who attended agree that it was the best $20 they ever spent when the cast broke out in song. Not just song, but Queen!

Pretty epic right? Were you there? If so, what did you think? Also, the video isn’t ours and was found on Youtube! You can thank user OnePurposeNow for this gem.

One thought on “Things Seen @ NerdHQ: Doctor Who Singing Queen

  • It was the single best hour of the weekend for me, I feel so fortunate to have gotten a ticket! It was an absolutely amazing experience.

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