Wired Cafe Is The Place To Be

Off Site/Parties, San Diego Comic Con

There are plenty of events and parties during San Diego Comic Con that try and claim to be the “must see” thing. It seems like every year a new off site event pops up but The Wired Cafe’ really is the place to be. They offer a nice spot for fans and celebs alike to just relax and recharge. The Con is a beast and if you don’t take a few moments for yourself, it’ll destroy you. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Wired Cafe’ offers awesome stuff like a “Games of Throne” themed bar and swag that includes Swiss Army Knives.

Of course plenty of celebrities were spotted as well. Our own Mario and his girlfriend saw “True Blood” star Joe Manganiello relaxing at a table. The cast of “Doctor Who” stopped by too. A few other celebrities include Felcia Day, Stan Lee, Kevin Smith and Kellan Lutz from “Twilight.” Of course Mr. Comic-Con himself, Morgan Spurlock swung by as well.

Have any of you stopped by? Did you run into anyone while there? If you did, tell us about it in the comments! We’d love to hear your stories!


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