Stern Pinball Thrills Comic Fans at International Comic-Con 2012

San Diego Comic Con

Stern Pinball Thrills Comic Fans at International Comic-Con 2012

World’s Only Maker of Real Arcade Quality Pinball Announces 2nd Annual Pinball Tournament with New X-Men Machine

SAN DIEGO, July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Stern Pinball, Inc., the world’s only maker of real pinball games, announced today their second annual International Comic-Con pinball tournament where players and fans will have the opportunity to play Stern’s latest X-Men machine, inspired by one of the most popular comic book series to date.

Hundreds of thousands of San Diego Comic-Con attendees will be able to compete in an X-Men game play tournament for the chance to win a cash prize by signing up to play at booth #114. The tournament starts July 11, on Preview Night at Comic-Con. Contestants will be called to return if they advance in the tournament. The finals will be held on Saturday, July 14 at 3PM. Stern is thrilled to give pinball players and comic lovers at International Comic-Con 2012 a chance to experience the X-Men adventure with their own two hands.

“San Diego Comic-Con couldn’t be a more fitting place for fans to get their hands on the new X-Men machine,” said John Borg, game designer for Stern Pinball. “We live and breath pinball design, but there is something about seeing players enjoy the game that really brings the design to life.”

Attendees can find Stern Pinball at the Century Media Nuclear Blast booth #114.

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