Are You Creative? If So, You Still Have A Shot @ The Ausiello Party

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Have no fear, he has a 2nd smaller contest going on! But you have to be creative for this one. That’s right, there’s more to it than just sending an email as the speed of light.

July 6, 2012:Aushole Party @ Comic-Con Update: We have reached our initial 75-person threshold. If you have a hunch you didn’t act fast enough to snag a first-come-first-served ticket to the shindig – those who did will be notified
next week — you’re probably sobbing into your Diet Raspberry Snapple. But fear not: There’s another way to win entry into my bash. I want you to recreate a scene from your favorite recent season finale, take a photo of it, and email it to no later than Monday at Noon EST. Be as creative as possible! A bunch of my favorites will get a pass to the party, and the winning masterpieces will be featured on TVLine’s Facebook page. What are you waiting for? Get crackin’!

Why are you still reading this? Get to it! I hope someone does “Dexter.” That would’ve been my choice.


  • I’m upset. I got an invite to the party, not realizing that it was 21+. The invite says it is non-transferable, so now neither I nor anyone who I would want to give my invite to can go.

    • Maybe try contacting them and explain your mistake. This is why it’s important to always read everything about a party. We’re all very quick to just apply to whatever without reading “fine print.”

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