Finally! NerdHQ Announces Some Panels

Off Site/Parties

I have to say my highlight last year was attending the “Psych” panel at NerdHQ. What’s not to like about having an actual seat, not having to wait inline, being close and helping charity? Exactly. If you see something here that tickles your fancy, I highly recommend checking it out!

9:30AM Expendables 2
Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Couture.

11:00am – Psych
12:00pm – Chuck
2:30PM– Seth & Robot Chicken

10:00AM: Stan Lee
12:30PM: Man with the Iron Fists followed by a signing
3:00PM: The Rise of the Guardians with Guillermo Del Toro and Friends
4:30PM: Nathan Fillion
5:30PM: Assassin’s Creed 3

12:00PM: Tomb Raider
3:00PM: Joss Whedon
5:45: Grimm with signing earlier in the day (11am)

3:00PM: Jared Padalecki

I’d be all over “Psych,” “Chuck” and “Grimm.” I’d probably try and see if I had time for Stan Lee and Joss as well. Man, they brought the A game this year! You can find all the information here. You’ll be able to buy tickets Friday at 9AM PDT. All the Conversation tickets are $20. 100% of the revenue from tickets go to Operation Smile.

Here are a few of my pictures from the “Psych” panel to help give you an idea of the set up.




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  • Seriuosly! This was one of the highlights of off-site events last year. We sat literally 4 feet from Tim and Dule — it was small and intimate. Probably your best chance at getting close to some of your fave actors, creators, and the like. And it’s for a good cause! 😀

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