SDCC ’12: Celebrity Encounters 3

This batch of celebrity encounter photos from SDCC 2012 includes a trio from reader Rachel who shares this awesome description: I ran into the man that got me thru the […]

SDCC ’12: Celebrity Encounters 2

Here is another batch of celebrity encounter photos from our fantastic readers! The first 2 are from reader Megan and the rest are from reader Tasha. I’ve used Tasha’s own […]

SDCC Condo Renting Pros and Cons

2012 was the second year that I rented a condo for my stay in San Diego during Comic-Con. There are both good and bad aspects to renting a condo and […]

SDCC ’12: Celebrity Encounters 1

I’m spending the afternoon doing all my laundry since SDCC (no, I’m not lazy, we had to get a new washer that was just delivered today!) and so while I’m […]

Sideshow Hulk Maquette Information

This is amazing but very expensive too. This bad boy will set you back $649.99! Yes, I’m serious. Here’s more information from Sideshow: Remember that the Hulk Maquette will be […]

The Walking Dead Escape 2012

Every year it seems that there’s a new off-site event during San Diego Comic-Con and this year wasn’t any different. One of the larger events that went on was The […]