STINGAREE “The Dark Knight” Party

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Stingaree will be hosting what sounds to be an awesome “The Dark Knight” party on July 13th, from 9:00PM-2:00AM. The party is collaboration with Design By Humans in order to celebrate the winner of “The Dark Knight” t-shirt contest. The contest winner was chosen by Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas. As with most parties, you can expect this to be one to remember!

Want to get in? RSVP here and be sure to reference Design By Humans/ Dark Knight Party!


  • I RSVP’d and got the following response:

    We have added your names to our guest list for consideration. The list closes at 10:30pm so make sure to arrive before then to take advantage of our VIP line located at our Main Entrance on Island Ave. We will accommodate half cover charge for a limited amount of guests ($10), so the earlier you start your night at Stingaree the better!

    Please remember that you and all your guests need to be in dress code – upscale stylish attire. All HATS, FLIP FLOPS, TENNIS SHOES, and SHORTS (men) are prohibited and will be turned away. Entrance to Stingaree is permitted at the discretion of the staff and guest list submission does not guarantee admission. For guaranteed entry and a waived cover, bottle service is available. Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested in bottle service.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you at Stingaree!

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