SDCC ’12: Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi Exclusive “Squadt”

Exclusives, San Diego Comic Con

Rotofugi has announced their first SDCC exclusive, in conjunction with Squibbles Ink, Squadt!

We’re proud to announce our first San Diego release: the Squadt gohst s003 [PLAYGE] by Ferg.

This 6″ tall vinyl figure with ABS and cloth accessories is an edition of 125 figures, 75 of which will be available at SDCC (Booth #4736) for $125 (tax included). We’ll be releasing 25 figures per day on July 12-14. Note: the additional 50 figures are reserved for members of the Collect and Destroy Forums… click here if you’re a CAD member interested in ordering.

This Squadt includes a playge hoodie, puffy vest, sAK-74, ‘pipe bomb’, 2.0 articulated arms, classic arms and a removable helmet.

It’s great to hear that they are releasing 25 per day, giving everyone a great chance to get one!

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