ACME Archives’ 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives

Exclusives, San Diego Comic Con

A company known for high quality prints, ACME has just unveiled the first item that they will be bringing to Comic-Con. On top of this cool Star Wars item, they will be bringing us exclusives from the Pixar, Halo 4 & Prometheus licenses as well as an awesome poster tube that is too cool to pass up.

Here is the official info from their website.

Acme’s Attendee Pre-Order for Pickup will begin on on June 25th and end July 4th. Attendee Pre-Orders are for Attendees only and will not be shipped. When picking up from our booth, please make sure to bring your order receipt with you (friends can pick up for friends). Our booth number is #5629.

Non-Attendee Ordering will begin on on July 11th and end July 15th (or until sold out). We will be making limited quantities of exclusives available for Non-Attendee ordering.

1000 piece edition
(exclusive to Comic-Con and Star Wars Celebration 6)

An old-time traditional animator’s term, a “Key” is a thumbnail of a character or a background element with color reference.

Acme’s Character Keys are composed of a cel layer floated over a lithographic background.

The cel features a color rendition of the character while the background features sketches and color reference.

Each character key comes matted with a title tag and a certificate of authenticity.

Matted measurements are 8 inches by 6 inches.

1000 piece edition
(will be available at Comic-Con and our website beginning July 11th)

This sketchplate features original Joe Johnston sketches of the Zoom II Speeder Bike photo-etched on aircraft-grade aluminum.

The sketchplate gives insight into the development of iconic Lucasfilm creations as well as providing historic details.

The full piece measures approximately 8 inches by 5 inches.

The sketchplate itself measures 7 inches by 3.35 inches and is mounted on a foam core spacer to “float” on the black acrylic backer.


 ”Return of Master Chief”

Halo 4 concept art by Gabriel Garza
50 piece edition
13? x 19? (paper size)
limit 1 per customer


 ”Ampule Chamber”

Prometheus concept art
79 piece edition
13? x 19? (paper size)
limit 1 per customer


   ”Darth Vader Lightsaber Poster Tube”
The tube which measures 3 1/4? wide and 36 1/2? tall.  At full extension, the tube is 49? tall.  These tubes will only be available at Comic-Con and Celebration VI and will not be available online.Priced at $25 a tube, if you purchase the tube from the Acme booth, you have a chance of receiving a free print inside.  We will be randomly stuffing tubes with lithographs old and new so not only will you get a cool tube for all your swag, but you may end up with a little extra inside.

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