6th Annual Zombiewalk & After Party During San Diego Comic Con!

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This year the event will take place July 13th (Friday the 13th!) from 5:00PM-9:00PM! Yes, normally the event is on Saturday but they changed it up this year to try and fit into the Comic Con schedule. We all know how hard it is to make a choice about what to attend or do. Here’s a little more info:

Are you ready to #ZOMBIFYSDCC?! We are! Zombies have been exploited in entertainment and media for too long! The undead deserve equal rights and should be treated as fairly as the living actors who portray us in pictures, television shows, movies, and sporting events! We want the right to marry the living as well as the dead. We want access to acceptable memorials should we be offed by rogue zombie hunters; cremating our bodies and/or leaving us by the side of the road isn’t going to cut it anymore. Most importantly, we want a respectable supply of food.

Shunned, starving, and unloved zombies are the past. We, the undead, are the future and we MUST march to secure our rights! While the living occupy for their voices to be heard… we must zombify and it begins during Comic-Con 2012 with America’s Finest Undead at the MARCH FOR UNDEAD RIGHTS!

When discussing the walk and/or sharing pictures, please use the hashtag #zombifysdcc on Twitter, Instagram, etc. so we can spread the word we want equal rights for the undead!

Everyone will be meeting at 4th & Broadway, in downtown San Diego. You can start arriving at 5:00PM but not later than 5:20PM or any earlier than 4:30PM. Got it? Good! The walk is an all ages event and they ask that you arrive already made up as your best member of the undead. You can RSVP and find more info on their Facebook page! As far as the after party goes, those details will be announced tomorrow!

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