Hot Toys Unveils Joker 2.0 Teaser

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UPDATED 6/13: Here is the second teaser showcasing off the doll, er, TOY’s clothes. The costume was designed by clothing customizer extraordinaire Kato, who has made a name for himself in the Sideshow Freaks forum as a maker of quality goods.


Hot Toys have been pulling out all the stops with their 1:6 figures and the newest rendition of The Joker seems to be the best one yet. Many on the internet speculate that Hot Toys is simply one-upping all of the customizers that have taken their original Joker figures and improved on them in every possible way. From different head sculpts, to the clothes on the figure, independent creators have been putting Hot Toys to shame, but all that looks like it’s coming to a head.

Dubbed “Joker 2.0” the teaser depicts the memorable┬áinterrogation┬ároom scene from The Dark Knight, with many even commenting on the possibility that we will see everything that is in this photo included wit the figure for an amazing diorama base. It’s not all love though, as many of the “original collectors” are beefing with the new fans who were not around when the Joker 1.0 was released. They feel that this rerelease/upgrade will not only downgrade the value of their original purchase, but it will also become an inferior copy.

Regardless of opinions we expect the full figure to be on display at the upcoming Comic-Con International at the ever popular Sideshow Collectibles booth.

Let us know how you feel in the comments. Are you looking forward to this figure? Do you have the original Joker DX and are hating on this rerelease?

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