SDCC ’12: NECA Exclusive Evil Dead 2 Ash Figure

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It’s the first day of June and more exclusive news has rolled off the line from NECA. This time it’s a 7″ action figure of Ash from Evil Dead 2. But not just a standard Ash, but a sepia toned  ‘Hero From the Sky’ Ash. Here are a few pics and the official details from the NECA website.

The third and latest in our series of 2012 San Diego Comic Con exclusives is Hero from the Sky Ash, which captures the young Mr. Campbell as he was at the end of the film. Bloodied, haggard, confused, having killed his girlfriend and a Deadite version of himself, terrified and mysteriously transported through time, Ash emerged in what would become the setting for Army of Darkness (another classic! Go watch it!) and was faced with a whole new round of Deadites to re-kill.
We’ve done Ash before in a series of Evil Dead 2 7? action figures, but Hero from the Sky Ash — aside from being SDCC exclusive — perfectly captures one of the most important moments in Evil Dead 2. A sepia-toned paint job brings out not just nostalgia for the 25th Anniversary of Evil Dead 2, but also the desert Ash found himself (and his car, oddly enough) transported to. Just look at the surprise on that face.

But Ash here is more than just a great chin! Check out our Hero from the Sky’s full articulation below:
•Ball jointed Neck
•Ball Jointed Shoulders
•Insert Molded Ball Hinged Elbows
•Ball Jointed Wrists
•Ball Jointed Chest
•Ball Jointed Waist
•Mid-Thigh Swivels
•Insert Molded Ball Hinged Knees
•Ball Jointed Ankles
•Chainsaw Swivels
•Shotgun Stores in Holster on Figure’s Back

Just how many shekels you’ll have to shell out for Ash has yet to be announced, but keep checking When Nerds Attack and the NECA website for updates!

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