Help Cassandra James Make It To SDCC

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I know we all struggle to make it to San Diego Comic Con. Some of us save all year. We sell things or skip normal purchases. It’s a choice for most of us though. We aren’t attending to sell our art or share our new comic. I think we tend to forget that for most people, San Diego Comic Con is part of the job and depending on where you’re located, getting to San Diego can cost a pretty penny. I should know!

Mario had a great idea that we should help spread the word about some of the artists who need a little extra help making the trip. Cassandra James is one of those artists! She’s actually visiting SDCC from Australia! I know we have readers from other countries and I’m sure you can relate with those costs. She’s having a big sale featuring her artwork. You’ll find Wonder Woman, Buffy and even a Lady Loki up for sale!

I know we’re all trying to save and times are rough but if you’ve been looking to add to your collection, why not check her out? I see a few pieces I might pick up!

If you’re an artist having a sale or fundraiser for San Diego Comic Con, let us know! We’d love to help spread the word!

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