CCI Cracks Down on Badge Fraud

San Diego Comic Con

Having just released a general email, the folks over at CCI have changed the terms and conditions for badge holders to now state:

Comic-Con International may perform any of the following validation of badges on entry to any area of the convention. These measures are an effort to prevent illegal badge duplication and unauthorized reselling. We may scan the bar code, require a photo ID that matches the name on the badge, scan RFID embedded in the badge, and examine the badge with other technological and/or physical methods to verify authenticity of the badge and holder. Before leaving any registration area please make sure that the name on the badge matches your identification.


This comes as no surprise to me as the number of unorthodox ticket sales have been on the rise since the demand has gone through the roof. But what does this mean for us? Mostly nothing. If you have a legit badge and your name on the badge matches your ID then you are gold. This is made in an attempt to curb the number of people who buy badges just to sell to customers in person.

Like for example, Cuba Gooding Jr buys a badge then decides to sell it to Stan Smith. They make an arrangement to meet outside of Hot Dogs @ 428 (great place to eat BTW) where Cuba will bring his newly acquired badge and Stan brings his money. The exchange is made and now for all intents and purposes Stan Smith is Cuba Gooding Jr and no body would question it. With this rule the people at the doors will be checking ID cards and such, as well as looking at the pass for physical imperfections that come with bootleg copies.

Where I can see some trouble area are with cosplayers who might have a hard time pulling out their Show Me in a timely manner.  There is no word on the issues you can see yourself in if your name on your badge is an abbreviated version, like Jon instead of Jonathan. i am sure that’ll be fine because comic creators sometimes have pen names that are slightly different, like Jimmy Palmiotti instead of his god given James Palmiotti.

This is a good move on CCI’s part but I think they should still take DMV style photos at registration that print onto your badges. Maybe we’ll see that next?

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  • Perhaps people can just have an ID slid into the badge holder and have it around their neck at all times? Of course, if their cosplay means they look nothing like their ID photo, that’s another issue. A hilarious one.

  • I’d be afraid of my ID falling out – maybe just a photo copy inside the badge holder and pulling out the real thing if they make a big deal of it? (if course I kept all my swag tickets in it last year with no issues).

    But I’m definitely putting something in the holder to make it faster. Let’s just hope everyone else does the same!

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