King/Queen Of SWAG!

Geek Fun

We like to have fun here at When Nerds Attack. Since things are about to get hot and heavy with San Diego Comic Con news, we thought it was the perfect time to have some fun with you guys. We’re looking for the person with the most exciting, different or just the most all around awesome SWAG. We aren’t talking about SDCC stuff though. We want to see your Hot Toys Figures, Minimates, Mondo Prints and other awesome maybe one of a kind items.

Maybe you were able to get a figure signed? Maybe your story involved a big pile of luck? Did you score an awesome find at a yard sale or flea market? We want your stories and your photos. There’s no prize to win, just bragging rights!

You can send your stuff to us here. Be sure to include photos and if you have a website/blog/Tumblr be sure to share the link and we’ll pimp that out as well. We can’t wait to see your awesome stuff!

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