SDCC: What Are Your Cosplay Plans?

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Well, it’s less than 90 days until Comic-Con and I suspect some of the more serious cosplayers have been working on their outfits for months now! Even the most simple of┬ácostumes can take a lot of planning and effort and we’d love to hear about it!

Are you planning on cosplaying? Will you be participating in the Masquerade? How much have you invested in your cosplay hobby? Are the costumes the best, or the worst part of conventions?

Please share your thoughts and opinions about this grown-up version of dress-up!


  • Sooooooo Last year I went as Sara Penizzi w/Witchblade–this year I’m going as a Dothraki Women who has stayed with Daenerys Targaryen and become a Warrior —Oooh and I got a Dragon at Wondercon that sits on your shoulder and moves !!! I only dress one day of the con and usually the say we do the con floor. No sense in sitting in a ballroom in costume… anyone have a link for weapon requirements–need to not get the sword confiscated

  • oh PS:—–Please to be letting me know if any ACTUAL Wookies will be going —I looooove them soooooo. Found 1 at Wondercon but past couple of SDCC have had a severe Wookie deficit !!!

  • usually begin hatching idea towards end of previous years con and then start “fabricating” and collecting items through out the year for completion. The head piece is about a month of fabrication the rest is collection and modification items !! so probably a few months–hardest part is the diet!! I usually start in May but since I need arms and back that look like I carry a sword for a living I started that workout regime in January, UGH. Really need to go as a Jawa next year so I can skip the dieting !!

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