Comic-Con Second Chance Badge Resale 3/27

San Diego Comic Con

UPDATE: We removed the email as per official request.

If you were one of the unlucky people who missed out on getting tickets to the 2012 Comic-Con International then your second chance is here! A smaller chance, but still a chance! If you have signed up for a member ID BEFORE February 29th, then this date is for you. On March 27th at 8:00 am (PST) a link will go active for a new sale. No word on what will happen to people who signed up after the fact.

The link is being sent out in rolling emails to all with ID’s regardless if they have passes or not. The staff at CCI are encouraging all those who missed out on passes to apply, while also discouraging those who have them from using the service to upgrade their own tickets.

Stay tuned to your inboxes for more, official information and happy hunting.

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