Q&A With SDCC: We Want Your Questions!


Mario has been able to secure another interview with David Glanzer, the man behind San Diego Comic Con. What we need now are YOUR questions! We want to submit questions from the people that attend the event, or those who get shut out because of various issues.

Please be sure to keep your questions on target. Don’t ask anything about panels or who will be attending this year. What we’re looking for are questions about the future of San Diego Comic Con, the recent changes that have happened (like Member ID’s) and the like.

If you have a question you can drop it in the comments or send us an email. Be sure to put “SDCC Q&A” in the subject line. We look forward to your awesome questions!


  • I have a Q: long lines are now a huge issue at SDCC. Why don’t they clear the rooms between panels? It would help immensely. It would stop people from camping through panels they arent interested in, and would decrease the amount of time spent in lines, which can be many hours in some cases.

  • My question concerns the accessibility of Comic-Con. As it gets more and more crowded and the tickets sell out earlier and earlier it’s getting that much harder every year for newbies and casual comic lovers to attend. When tickets and hotels sell out in a matter of hours, you have to really be hard-core about hitting those registration windows at the bell. The harder I have to work each year just to get in the less I enjoy going. This will be my 11th consecutive year at Comic-Con and I’m already sweating the hotel registration opening and making sure I have member IDs for everyone in my family (even if they aren’t sure yet if they want to go!). It makes smaller shows like WonderCon seem more and more attractive. What steps are being taken to make Comic-Con more accessible and less of a large, exclusive clique?

  • What was the mentality behind the new pre-registration system? What response did they see from the community? Are they planning on changing it this year or in the future?

  • Last year we saw Hall H used on Sunday for television shows, such as Sons of Anarchy, Dr. Who, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Glee, and Supernatural. With the booming popularity of other television show panels previously held in Ballroom 20 leading to long lines (Game of Thrones, True Blood,etc.), will television shows have a bigger presence on Thursday-Saturday in Hall H going forward?

  • Q: Would you be willing to offer premium ticket prices for people willing to pay to not stand in line?

    Q#2: Will you reconsider changing the awful pre-registration from 2011 to something less onerous? It was terrible.

  • Shows like LOST and HEROES used to be in Hall H on Saturday. Why haven’t they moved a show as popular as BIG BANG THEORY to HALL H? Fans need to camp out at 6am just to get in to see it for a 12pm Ballroom 20 panel. It’s too popular for Ballroom 20 and last year, Hall H was fairly empty on Sat morning with smaller studio panels that didn’t have the draw as a hit show like BBT.

  • Is there any plan to permit an early bird sale for tickets Comic Con to attendees before they go on sale to the general public?

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