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Dates For 2013 San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con '13

After doing some Google-fu around the internets, we have stumbled upon the dates for next year’s Comic Con International in San Diego. START PLANNING YOUR TRIP NOW!!!

Thanks to the official Convention Center’s online schedule, the show is set for 7/18/2013 – 7/21/2013, or 53 weeks from this year’s con.

Coincidentally, 2013 is (according to this poll found on Comic Book Resources) also the final year that the event could be held in the city under the current contract is set to expire then. EDIT: it is 2015. With all of the debating and politics over the expansion of the convention center, the proposal of a new football stadium splitting available funds, and the sheer time that it will take to do it all, I would not be surprised to see the event move to a new city until the dust settles. Heart broken but not surprised.

With this past weekend’s Wondercon being held in Anaheim many are wondering if this could have been a fortunate turn of events to testdrive another venue that has expressed interest in wooing the big show. While I have fallen in love with the intimacy that downtown San Diego has to offer, I could see from a business point of view that the current size is too small and may not change any time soon.

At the moment hoteliers, not the public, are the ones who get to vote later this month on a hotel-room tax hike to pay for most of the 520 million dollar expansion project. But now the hoteliers are asking the city for a bigger grasp over the Convention Center’s sales and marketing. Right now, a city-created nonprofit board handles things but the hoteliers want a private tourism company to take over the duties. This comes in conflict with labor groups who want the promotion to remain in public hands.

Things are never as easy as they should be.

Sorry, I was misinformed about the 2013 contract ending. I too thought the contract was through 2015 but a Google search had me believe that the poll referenced above was from the last 24 hours so I ran it with a question mark for good measure. My bad.

Also, we have news that the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau won marketing control of the San Diego Convention Center Tuesday in a 7-1 vote. This means that the hotel owners will be more likely to vote in favor of the 3% to 15% tax hike to help finance the expansion of the Convention Center.


  • So to clarify, are these the potential dates for next year’s 2013 Comic Con? If there is an extended contract through 2015…OR is there a possibility of Comic Con being moved?

    I’m going to the next year event, and I want to book hotel now.

    • These are the dates as of right now but remember, they could always change. Also, I’m not sure you’ll be able to book now for next year as many hotels have a deal with SDCC and reserve their rooms for purchase through SDCC.

  • I am from australia looking to go to SDCC for the first time. Any tips on how to get tickets for preview night as it seems they sell them to previous participants first and then they sell out…. Also any idea when tickets go on sale?


    • Cheers, Scott! Unfortunately the dates have not been announced. For 2011 the tickets went on sale in like October of ’10, and this year they went up about two months ago so when they will be available for 2013 is anyone’s guess at this point. All I can tell you for sure is that we will post all the info you need to know as soon as the sale dates are announced.

      Since you are way down under, the usual on-sale time of 9:00 AM in California is like 2:00 AM for you so that is a little inconvenient but if you really want the preview night passes you’ll have to be ready to push the button or have a trusted friend in the states or another country where the sun is out at that time try to fetch passes. If you are like me then you’ll probably want to do it yourself but it might be a nice alternative.

  • Well, my husband and I are newbies! We would like to purchase SDCC 2013 tickets. I am assuming its not really easy at all. What is it that I have to do?

    • The big thing that I can tell you do it do it “be prepared”. When tickets will go on sale will be made public well in advance but us as well as a number of major and minor media sites. Make sure you work your schedule around that time and date so you are at a computer somewhere ready to click at the zero hour.

  • I’m also new to Comic Con and have been really wanting to attend one year, how much would a typical trip cost per person– with the bare necessities: i.e. hotel & tickets?

    • A hotel all depends on which hotel and how many people you have. They can be anywhere from $200 a night to $500 a night.

  • Thanks for all the info, this site is really great!! I’m also a newbie and I’d like to go next year too, but I’m from Spain so this is gonna be a bit difficult. Any tipes are welcome 🙂

  • Hi 🙂 I’m also from Australia and am totally interested in buying tickets for Comic Con 2013!
    Oh and I’m not entirely sure how the ticket thing works.. since i just went onto the Comic Con website and they were talking about badges? to be honest, i’m actually just interested because i’m a HUGE fan of TeenWolf, yes i know, very girly – but i just want to know how i could get tickets to sit in those rows to watch the actors and directors get asked questions? Is it too late to get tickets for those events now? 🙁


  • how much do the badges usually cost? im from florida and this would be my first time and i want to surprise my boyfriend 🙂

  • I’m a Comic-Con virgin too but I’d love to go expect I’m from France so it’s a very expensive trip and it’s scary to go alone.
    When do the badges sale starts and is there a limited number of them (do you have to rush to get yours)
    It only lasts 3 days ?
    How to you know the program ?
    Thank you for your answers anyway ! great site !

    • It’s Thrusday-Sunday with a “Preview Night” on Wednesday but those tickets are very limited. As of right now, we’ve been told that badges/tickets will go on sale in early 2013. The official program is announced a few weeks before the event but news leaks out much earlier.

    • 6 to 9 months from now. They don’t start officially announcing things until a few weeks before just to make sure schedules are locked in, but you always see some actor confirm that they are going on Twitter or something before hand.

    • Very hard. There are more people who want tickets than are available so you have to pay attention to when the cut off dates for member id are as well as be prepared for the on sale date since they sell out in minutes now.

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