Will Chris Nolan & ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Be At Comic Con?

San Diego Comic Con

With a release set the week after the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, what better way to get a taste of the film out to fans who have been waiting patiently than at the genre’s biggest industry/promotional event? While Christopher Nolan has never attended Comic Con, his legacy on The Batman has been felt in years prior in one way or another but never directly. What better way to mark his end on the character than be having The Dark Knight Rises make an appearance this year?

According to BestMoviesEverNews this possibility is a little more likely than not.

Christopher Nolan has never attended Comic Con, but all that will change as both he and ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ will be making an appearance this year so if you’ve not got your tickets yet, beg, borrow and make deals to catch this appearance.

Chris Nolan screened the rough cut of ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ for Warner Bros this past Friday, and word has hit that his final film in the Batman trilogy will make a ‘surprise’ appearance at this years Comic Con in San Diego. Thankfully I got my tickets early as this will make going to the annual fest so worth while. Word trickling out from the ultra secret screening which included film chief Jeff Robinov and production president Greg Silverman is really good. “Aside from the usual tweaks and such,” our source over at the Bathouse said, “the suits seem genuinely pleased and rather ecstatic with the rough cut. Everyone will probably still be wondering about the Bane voice issue, but that won’t be one.”

It’s not too surprising that the Warner Bros response would be good after the footage we’ve seen so far including the special IMAX screening and trailer that’s got fans really worked up and ready for the opening night which has sold out in many places. I was rather surprised when I asked about Comic Con 2012 since ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ opens after it which is unusual as all the big Nolan movies have opened before the San Diego event kicked off including Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Inception. After confirming with several of our sources, this is what they had to say.

“Warner Bros was hoping that Chris would take advantage of Comic Con 2012 since he’s never been so it looks like they’ll be a panel with Chris, Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway. We’re not sure about Christian Bale, but since this is the final Batman movie for them, I can’t imagine him not attending…but you know how Christian can be,” Our other source at the Bros house said. “Chris [Nolan] would love to keep it a surprise appearance, but in this day and age, it’s pretty impossible.”

Since it’s still early, and Nolan will be more focused on finishing ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ it sounds like there’ll be some sneak peek footage and a killer Q&A. Don’t be surprised to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt there too since he’s just that type of guy.

We will keep an eye out on this and will post more details as soon as they are available.

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