• I got in at #10175 at around 11:04 (EST). The link from the email didn’t work properly when clicked on since it tried to redirect me a number of times before giving up. I had to physically highlight the link URL and paste that into my browser. We’ll see how fast this goes, as of 11:09 I am at 8975.

  • Was #975 or so in line. Got in within 4 minutes. Purchased 4-day with preview night badges for myself and my friend. All went though without a hitch. Much faster than last year.

    It was easy. Too easy…

  • Started at 2178. 5 min later i was in. Bought passes for friends. Was by far very quick and very painless. And I even got them preview night! 😀

  • I spent 10 minutes clicking on the link in my e-mail since it went to something about 100 characters long with a redirect and my e-mail embedded. Finally after I don’t know how many failures I decided to just copy/paste the visible URL and got right to a basic page on the normal SDCC site, then clicked the green button. By that time I was #23487 or something. So far it’s been decrementing about 800 numbers per minute, I’m down to #15625 after waiting 19 minutes.

  • GOT THEM. WITH PREVIEW NIGHT! In less than 20 minutes! Good job SDCC! Easiest ticket buying process I have ever had! Just went to the site and clicked on the photo-image on the right hand side at 8am, was #3699 but in 10 mins was #187 and got 2 preview night 4 day badges in less than 20 mins!

  • Purchasing badges was so easy this year. I don’t understand all the complaining.
    I watched the video and read the hints as suggested in the email.
    I saved the link in my bookmarks/favorites, and put it on my bookmark bar.
    Once it turned 8AM, I clicked the link. It took me to the Comic-Con page.
    I clicked on the “Badge Sales Are Open” button, and it took me to the registration page.
    I was #306. I got to purchase two 4-day badges in less than 4 minutes.
    I was expecting to wait 3-4 hours, so this was a great relief to me.
    Good luck to all still trying to purchase tickets!

  • Anybody get their confirmation emails yet? the ones stating Order Acknowledment. Only got one but not the second.

  • I heard that 4 days are sold out, apparently. Hearing the complainers complain is hilarious. This is why you prepare. Get your ducks in a row. That being said, this Analyics issue that caused a page load error is kind of annoying.

  • Fantastic experience. I was at my computer at 11AM EST on the nose and was #645. I got my two sets of 4 single day badges in under 10 minutes. Single day badges altogether were $143 vs. the 4-day badge which was $150. I wish everyone luck!

  • I had trouble getting the link to work and had to C&P it but ended up with a number in the 8000s.
    Ended up having a friend with a much lower number grab my ticket for me.
    Still no email confirmation for either one of us though, which makes me nervous.

  • @Bill Thank you for the update. Well I’ll wait until my CC gets charged to see if it went thru. Going to be a nail biting 3 days 😀

  • I had to copy and paste my link in advance 🙂 8:00:22 in the queue and I was #2445 damn latency, it was 8:08:26 when it took me to the EPIC waiting room, i am taking my kid he’s jumping in Texas right now he is going to Comic Con Long flight form PR to TX to SD.

  • Got in right at 8a and was #57 in line. Needless to say me and my four very lucky friends were able to score 4-day with preview tickets.

  • Was #1276 in line, only waited 8 min, got my 4-day pass. waited from 7:55 PST and just kept clicking that link without mercy.

  • just to add…
    I got both acknowledgement emails for my 4-day badges.
    One at 8:01AM and one at 8:03AM.
    Everything went better than expected.

  • My sister and I were so nervous going into this, but we got our 4-day passes within half an hour! Good thing too, we’re flying over from Australia and have already booked our flights 😀

    Had to refresh the link a few times, and ended up copy pasting it so I was in within about 3 minutes, started at #8057. My sister had trouble getting the link open and was at about #30,000 10 minutes in.

  • There were 5 of us trying to get tickets (myself, my two roommates, and two of our friends).

    My roommate was able to get his link to work on first click so within 5 minutes he was around 1,800 in line. One friend got in around 20,000, myself & another kept getting the server error.

    My roommate was able to process all our tickets by 8:15.

    I was really worried about buying tickets this way, as I’d always gotten next year’s tickets at this year’s con. I thought the process was pretty easy, it worked in our favor that you could buy multiple tickets in the same session

  • I clicked on the link like 10-15 times and it would not load. Then I physically went tot the website and got into the waiting room #15678 at 8:15. Luckily my friend was purchasing badges too and she got placed at #2000 and was in, in 10 minutes. So without her, I would probably not have a badge, but I do. Comic Con should have fixed that problem before emailing us the INSTRUCTIONS for entering the site and buying badges. But glad I’m going and have badges for Friday and Saturday.

  • Got in at #5107 and had 4-day passes for myself and two friends about 15 minutes later. Leaps and bounds better than previous years. Haven’t gotten any of the confirmation emails yet, though – I’m beginning to get worried.

  • My friend managed to get #7500 in the waiting room and I got around 9000. He purchased them all so I left the waiting room. Overall it was very painless. All my other friends I talked to also got badges.

  • My friend got the confirmation email for my ticket but not hers and she paid for hers first. I’m starting to get worried.

  • One of our friends managed to get #100 in line. We have no idea how that happened but we are so grateful that happened. Managed to get 5 four-day passes without preview night. Went very smoothly.

    • They said they won’t charge credit cards for at least 48 hours, not sure why but thats what the confirmation email said

  • We were able to buy passes smoothly for everyone in our group, so I don’t really have any complaints as to the sale process. However I have to question the ‘frenzy’ being created.

    Its obvious that there are far more people who want to attend the COn than spots available, This suggests 2 possible plans of action for CCI. First, they could raise the price. What if COmic COn were $100 per day? Would as many people still be willing to shell out $400 (plus an extra $50 for Preview Night) to attend? Probably not. This could be a way to lower demand.

    Another possibility is for CCI to keep prices the same and make a stand as to which group of people they are ‘loyal’ to. Since they can’t please everyone, they need to pick a single group whom they will make happy, and then just do their best for everyone else. Making a chosen group happy is better than making everyone unhappy. IMHO (and I’ll admit to being biased) I think CCI’s loyalty should be to the people who attend the con every single year. I know people who have been going for 20 years, and this year got shut out. The regular attendees are the ones who deserve CCI’s loyalty. CCI should have an option each year at the Con where you can pre-purchase the exact same badge for next year’s Con. Then if you want to ‘upgrade’ or buy a badge for someone not attending, you have a chance to do so on the SUnday of the Con, or maybe in the Fall. That way the people who have been attending for a long time get ‘first serve’. (Yeah, flame away, I’m okay with that.)

    • I think that it would be impossible to police a loyalty system and that it would make far too many people mad. I think your price idea is much better and might be what they have to do in the future.

      By many accounts this was the easiest year in the last 3 – 4 years and I’m very proud of CCI for the changes they have made to the way they are doing things. They are always evolving becuase they know they have to, their customers demand it.

      I don’t think the “frenzy” was anything like what it was last year. By being less vocal, requiring interested parties to check the website and be pro-active instead of doing lots of “tickets are going on sale” accouncements they filtered out some casual parties I’m sure. They made the serious people jump though a few hoops and if that is was we have to do to make it go smoother, then I think it’s A-OK.

  • You know it’s weird but my link actually worked (well for one computer, I had two laptops going), but then I had refresh the main page untill the green button came on. That put at around #9000 and afterwards it went very smoothly. By 8:30 I had my tickets! I liked this process.

  • Behold, the power of teamwork.

    Myself and three friends were poised and ready at 7:59 PST this morning. Of course, the email link only worked for one of us. She got in around 800. Another friend and I tried the link two or three times, then went to the site. I got in line at 8:07 am and was around #13,000 in line. Thankfully, the line moved fast and our first friend got tickets for all of us. Four day passes without preview night because we’re going to Disneyland that night. But if we were alone, we all could have gotten in. I’m so happy to be going. I’m no con virgin, but I’ve never been to SDCC. If it’s anything like NYCC – I’ve heard it’s that times a couple thousand – I’m beyond ready for it.

  • I’m glad to hear everyone had a good experience this year! I think the “waiting room” really helped!

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