SDCC Badges On Sale March 3rd! *Updated*

San Diego Comic Con

It seems that the emails are starting to go out announcing the on sale date for San Diego Comic Con! It’s this Saturday, March 3rd at 8:00AM PDT. Yes, this Saturday! I hope everyone is ready! Good luck to everyone!

REMEMBER: In order to purchase badges you had to create a Member ID. If you don’t have a Member ID don’t even bother on Saturday!

Here’s a video CCI posted on their Facebook page to walk you through the process:


  • This news is SO exciting! Best e-mail I ever got. Don’t forget to mention that when people log on to the site, they HAVE to have a Member ID to buy a badge, or else they won’t get one. Let’s help spread the word so that way 1) people that don’t have one don’t walk away sad and empty handed and 2) those who do won’t have added hours of wait due to people who log into the EPIC waiting room without a Member ID. GEEK ON!

    Quoted from the e-mail sent out:

    “Although you are required to have a Member ID to purchase a badge, sharing the above link on a social networking site may decrease your chances of obtaining a badge. Although only those with a Member ID will be allowed to purchase a badge, the EPIC waiting room is open to the general public and if the link above is leaked online, we anticipate that several thousand people who did not sign-up for a Member ID will attempt to access the registration system erroneously.”

  • PLEASE change your post to read “badges are going on sale for people who have a Member ID,”. If you didn’t get the email from Comic-con, you don’t have a Member ID and you will NzoT be able to vuy a badge even if you’re on there at the right time!

  • First try… clicked right when the clock turned to 0800:00 and BOOM! 3200 in line. WTF! But it started counting down and before I knew it (probably 10 minutes later) we were purchasing a four-day badge with preview night and a Friday single badge!!! Woot Woot!

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