Horton Grand Hotel Review

San Diego Comic Con

I want to thank Sarah for sending this in!

Horton Grand

This quaint little hotel was in our top 5 picks, so we were pretty happy. This is a great choice if you’re looking to avoid the craziness of the bigger hotels, but still want to be close to the action.


The Horton Grand is about 3 blocks from the convention center. It’s a short walk, 10 minutes or less, which I loved. It gave us the chance to find great shops and restaurants in the Gaslamp Quarter that we may have missed if we stayed at the Marriott or Omni.


The best way to describe the hotel itself is charming. It’s smaller, only 4 floors. It reminds me more of a bed & breakfast than a hotel, with a courtyard to sit in and a wooden staircase in the lobby. We were treated wonderfully. The front desk answered all of our questions, held our bags after we checked out, called us cabs. They were great.

The hotel has a small restaurant, which was open for breakfast. The breakfasts were huge and very good, though a little pricey and service was sometimes slow. They were booked for the convention, so they were obviously very busy and only had one or two servers on. It made mornings a little tense when we just wanted to get out the door. That was probably my only “complaint,” and even that wasn’t a big issue.


The room was perfect for two Comic Con-ers. There wasn’t a microwave or refrigerator, but I believe they were available upon request. There was a huge TV above the fireplace. The bathroom was very large. Everything was clean and comfortable – two of the most important factors for me.


After taxes, it was roughly $235 a night. Worth it.

This is a great place to step away from the insanity and catch your breath. It also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Gaslamp Quarter district of San Diego, which is absolutely beautiful. I would definitely go back.

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  • Stayed at the Horton last year. Very nice place and the location was awesome. However, I do not recomend opening the doors to the balcony, if you do have a balcony. Ours was facing the courtyard so we opted out from going out to relax in our balcony and take in the night. We paid dearly. That night we were attacked by bugs that managed to fly in and we were none the wiser. I woke up with so many bug bites I looked like I had chicken pox. Plus they kept waking us up. This probably happened only happened because we were facing the courtyard and there were a lot of trees. Who knows if this also happens with balconies facing the street.

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