Zach Levi Dishes on Nerd HQ at SDCC ’12!

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Last night during Spike TV’s CES All Access Live Nerd Machine’s Zach Levi & David Coleman were on hand to discuss some cool sights they saw at CES but what I felt was important for you guys was the early info on what the SDCC plans are for Nerd Machine!

HERE is a video of the full segment thanks to

I love how they mentioned that last year’s Nerd HQ raised for $40,000 for operation smile, way to go team! Also, here is a link to the newly renovated Culy Warehouse (between 6th & 7th) if you want to see more info or map out your trails early!

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One thought on “Zach Levi Dishes on Nerd HQ at SDCC ’12!

  • The Culy Warehouse is the Flynn’s/Marvel Monster Trucks/Alice in Wonderland location isn’t it? That place is big (if they are using the entire thing) and should make it easier for larger groups of the events.

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