San Diego Comic Con ’12 Registration Info

San Diego Comic Con

If you lucked out and were able to preregister at this years San Diego Comic Con, then this probably won’t concern you. For those of you who didn’t, listen up. Here’s the info from the CCI website about Member ID’s:

Online open Member ID registration will begin in January 2012. Please check the Comic-Con website frequently for updates, or follow us on Twitter at for Member ID registration announcements

If you plan on attending, you need to register for a Member ID! This does mean everyone, including those who plan on volunteering or are members of the Press or even staff. You can find everything you need to know about the Member ID’s here. Be sure to look it over! Even if you read it once, read it again in case anything changed. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

As far as the “date” goes, knowing CCI this could be anytime during January. It could be the 1st week, it could be the last date. If I hear anything more concrete I’ll be sure to pass it along. Keep in mind also that prices went up this year! Here are the new numbers:

4-DAY WITH Preview Night $175* $87* $87*
4-DAY WITHOUT Preview Night $150* $75* $75*
SINGLE DAY Thurs – Sat $40 $20 $20
SINGLE DAY Sunday $23 $11 $11

The first row is adult, followed by juniors and then Military/senior prices. What do the asterisks mean?

Comic-Con will no longer be offering a discount for 4-day badge purchases. We hope that this change will encourage people to purchase only the days they will actually be attending, leaving additional badges for others who want to attend Comic-Con.

The only thing with that is, in most cases you have no idea what is going to happen on what day until a week or two before the actual Con! The only way people are going to buy single day is if we know much sooner what’s going to happen and when. It’ll be interesting to see if this changes anything. I doubt it will.

You can find all the registration info here. Good luck everyone!


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