Gift Shopping for Nerds

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We all have them on our lists. They’re family members, friends, and co-workers. They’re nerds and nearly impossible to buy a present for. But have no fear! I have scoured the internets looking for those geeky/cool gifts any nerd would love.

Sure you could probably pick them up the latest comic inspired movie at Best Buy, but chances are they already have it (and probably a sealed copy as well).

One of my favorite websites to periodically peruse is Perpetual Kid. From Super Hero in a Box to Glow in the Dark Uranium Periodic Symbol Soap, this site has something for everyone! The comic-book fanatic might like the mini-plushies of The Flash, Thor or Wonderwoman, while those mystified by all things science might like the aforementioned soap or perhaps the Pocket Microscope. They even have a a light-up recycled motherboard LED dinosaur.

Another website for geeky fun is Think Geek. Think Geek offers up t-shirts and other novelties for the masses. Star Trek Bathrobes? They got it! Fan of Doctor Who? They have a Sonic Screwdriver of the 10th Doctor in their Collectibles section. And one of my faves? The Comic-Book picture frame. Your pictures, your words — set up to look like a page out of a comic book. Love it!

And if your nerd loves to venture out to any of the various conventions held through-out the world (think New York, Chicago or the big one in San Diego), maybe look into helping them out with their travel expenses! Gift certificates to airlines, the hotel they’ll be staying at or restaurants are always welcome!

Of course, this little blog probably only scratches the surface of gifts for the geek inclined…but hopefully it sets you on the right track to finding something your once troublesome gift recipient loves!

Happy Holidays and happy shopping!

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