It’s Never Too Early! SDCC 2012 Planning

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It’s November, and that is far too early to be planning for SDCC 2012, right? Wrong! When it comes to SDCC, it is never early enough.


By this time, you should have decided if you want to go to SDCC 2012. If you are on the fence, now is the perfect time to fully commit. The magnitude of the show makes it very hard to attend on the fly. Tickets sell out, rooms fill up. I know that it’s hard to even decide what you’re doing this weekend, much next next July, but, proper planning now will make or break your SDCC experience and we all want you to have the best time possible!


If you were one of the lucky that got tickets at the 2011 show for 2012 then you are already streets ahead.

The ticket process for Comic-Con is always evolving. Right now, if you pre-registered at the 2011 show, you can access your Member ID on the Comic-Con web site. The rest of us will have to wait for the sales process to begin. According to a Facebook post, the process will include registering for a Member ID that you will then later use to buy a ticket.

More information about the Member ID can be found HERE.

When ticket sales are announced make plans to be at the computer for several hours. This might mean getting a babysitter, taking off work or enlisting the help of friends. Be aware that while SDCC is always evolving the way they do things, ticket sales may not go off as planned, you may be forced to repeat the buying process in addition to refreshing, several times. Be patient, follow all the rules and suggestions and think positive thoughts.


The same rules apply for the hotel lottery. Prepare for Internet hang-ups and delays, and also waiting, waiting, waiting. Be content with the room that you are given. If it’s not your first or 2nd (or even 12th) choice, keep your chin up. There is always a chance you’ll be offered a more ideal room later, after others cancel.

If you have already tried to book a favorite downtown hotel room for 2012, you might have noticed that it was already booked solid. This is because even before the 2011 show started SDCC had reserved rooms for 2012. The chances of you finding an affordable hotel in the Gaslamp without going though the SDCC system is slim, at best. However, do not let that stop you from trying. Check the usual sites, and, just in case. Also, think about using your brand rewards. I know that Hyatt Gold Passport members in the platinum level are guaranteed reservations even if rooms appear to be sold out.

You can also try for listings of condominiums in the area. Condominium prices tend to be pretty high ($2000 and up for the week) but if you are with a group it may offer you the space you need at a price everyone can afford. Make sure you get all the paperwork turned in and your deposit paid. If the renter is being wishy-washy and is not willing to sign the paperwork and take a deposit then walk away. I am speaking from experience folks!


Now is the time to start saving for SDCC. Now, not April, not after you get tickets, NOW! There are dozens of ways to cut corners in any budget and save money for an event of this magnitude and cost. You know your budget better than anyone does so only you can make the decisions needed to save the money. I know I may be coming across as a tad bit dramatic but I have just seen a few too many people who have not considered the cost of Comic-Con in its entirety. Not only is there food and lodging (and their associated taxes) to consider, but loads of tempting toys, statues, shirts, books, comics, artwork and other goodies. Even if you are “on the fence” about Comic-Con, start saving now, so your bank account won’t be shocked in July.

I hope this post has gotten you into the mood for Comic-Con planning!

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